Bio-Shield™ Antimicrobial-Protected Disposables

...for confidently clean foodservice


Bring a New Level of Safety to Foodservice

Show patrons your commitment to cleanliness with Bio-Shield™ antimicrobial technology, product protection that stops the growth of bacteria and fungi …leaving your disposables clean and safe.

  • Napkins
  • Placemats
  • Traymats
  • Guest Towels

And, you get the peace of mind knowing you're stopping cross-contamination in places where cleanliness is critical.


How does Bio-Shield work?
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Bio-Shield Linen-Like® Napkins
1/4 Fold, 1/8 Fold, Flat Pack™

Bio-Shield Tissue Dinner Napkins
1/8 Fold

Bio-Shield™ Quickset™
Dinner Napkins
Bio-Shield™ Linen-Like® Guest Towels

Bio-Shield™ Placemats

Bio-Shield™ Traymats


Together, let's make foodservice cleaner than ever!
Bio-Shield™ from Hoffmaster gives foodservice operators, patrons, and employees the peace of mind that cleanliness & sanitation are always top of mind. 

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